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July 2013

Comprehensive Overview of the Overactive Bladder Problem

flotrol bladder control reviewsAn overactive bladder is a problem with the bladder storage function causing sudden urges to urinate that are difficult to stop and may lead to involuntary urine loss or incontinence.

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There are several conditions known to contribute to the signs and symptoms of an overactive bladder such as neurological disorders, high urine production, medications, acute urinary tract infections, bladder abnormalities, bladder outflow obstruction factors and excess caffeine or alcohol consumption.

Neurological disorders include Parkinson’s disease, strokes and multiple sclerosis while bladder abnormalities refer to tumors or bladder stones. High fluid intake, poor kidney function and diabetes are some of the causes of high urine production while enlarged prostrates, constipation or previous operations undergone for the treatment of other forms of incontinence may be factors that obstruct bladder outflow.

There are combinations of treatment strategies that may be taken for overactive bladder symptom relief. The first option in the management of an overactive bladder is behavioural interventions including pelvic floor muscle exercises, healthy weight maintenance, fluid consumption control, double voiding, toilet trip scheduling, intermittent catheterization, absorbent pad usage and bladder training.

Medications that relax the bladder have been found to be effective in the relief of overactive bladder symptoms and reduction of urge incontinence episodes.

Other options that may be taken in overactive bladder management include bladder injections, sacral nerve stimulation and surgery either to increase the bladder capacity or remove the bladder totally.

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